2021 Gold Rush Member/Member Tournament - Frost Creek
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28 Jun 2021 Gold Rush Member/Member Tournament

This year’s tournament included 12 women’s teams, 45 Men’s teams and one mixed team (playing in the Men’s division).  The mixed team of Erica Webster and Alan Kirkley deserves special note as they combined to survive the Shootout and win the Overall Championship.  Our Women’s Champions also survived a shoot out and congrats to Suzy Leprino and Diane Drew also!

2021 Gold Rush Member – Member

Ladies Overall Championship

1st –   Suzy Leprino/Diane Drew

2ndDonna Narva/ Linda Fusco

Ladies Division – Gross

1st –   Suzy Leprino/Diane Drew (-3)

Ladies Flight Winners

            1st Flight – Suzy Leprino/Diane Drew

            2nd Flight – Donna Narva/Linda Fusco


Overall Championship Shootout

1st – Alan Kirkley/Erica Webster

2nd – Bret Barnett/Andy Meltz

3rd – Bob Bisplinghoff/Nick Bisplinghoff

4th – Steve Patterson/Eric Drake


Men’s Division – Gross

1st – Bret Barnett/Andy Meltz (-11)



Flight Winners – Net

1st Flight

Bret Barnett/Andy Meltz

2nd Flight

Todd Davison/Andrew Whitworth

3rd Flight

Brad Hentschel/Jeff Hentschel

4th Flight