2021 Vail Valley Women's Interclub - Frost Creek
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2021 Vail Valley Women’s Interclub

07 Jun 2021 Vail Valley Women’s Interclub

Ladies Valley Interclub 2021

PLEASE EMAIL – Ben Welsh if you would like to play.  bwelsh@frostcreek.com

 Food & Beverage:  Offering for lunch will vary by facility and will be communicated prior to event.

Format:  Team Quota – Each team will be comprised of 6 ladies and preferably the lowest handicap players who are available.   The best 4 of 6 scores using the Quota Stableford scoring system will count during each day.  The cumulative total of each team will carry forward to the next match.  An individual’s quota is figured by subtracting the course handicap from 36 (18 pars = 36 points).  Minimum quota is 6 points.

Points are accumulated as follows

Gross Double Bogey – 0 points

Gross Bogey – 1 point

Gross Par – 2 points

Gross Birdie – 4 points

Gross Eagle – 6 points

Gross double eagle – 8 points


Example – If your handicap is 21 you subtract that from 36 to arrive at 15.  If you individually score 17 points during your 18 holes you would have a + 2 to quota.   The best 4 scores from each team will be added together as the team total for the week.


Rules:  USGA rules will govern all play.  All play will be from the designated ladies tees of each club. For balls hit O.B., marked by white stakes, the player must re-play the previous shot.  All native areas, not marked as out of bounds, will be played as a lateral hazard.  Drop a ball within 2 club lengths of where the ball entered the native and take a one stroke penalty.


Pairings:  An individual from each of 4 clubs will be generally paired in order of handicap to form foursomes of like ability.   We are not playing match play so pairings may be random and used to form new relationships.


Pin Location:  The host club will provide pin locations.


Pace of Play:  All players are required to maintain the pace of play throughout the entire round and adhere to the host clubs time policy.  If a group gets out of position they may be warned.  If a group gets warned a second time they may have to skip holes in order to catch up.  All skipped holes will result in 0 points.  Players should pick up after they reach a gross double bogey.


Handicap:  All participants will play with 100% handicap taken 48 hours from the day of play. Maximum allowable handicap is 30 (minimum quota is 6).


Scoring:  The Marker is required to record the gross score on each hole to count for the match.  The scorecard must be signed and attested.  There is no net division.

Forfeit Policy:  We are counting 4 of the best 6 players.  If a team only has 3 players then the team must count the fourth player as – 6.

Cost:  All participants will pay $50 cash only, no checks, to the host facility.

Season Long Title:  The winning team will choose a charity for 60% of the Cash pot.  The second place team will choose a charity for the remaining 40%.  The winning team will keep the travelling trophy and be responsible for engraving.

Rules Committee:  Host Professional and staff.  If there is a doubt concerning a rule please play an alternate ball and consult with the rules committee when the round is complete.


Schedule for 2021

Monday, June 14 – Red Sky Fazio – 9:00am shotgun

Tuesday, June 29 – Frost Creek – 9:00am shotgun

Thursday, July 15 – Cordillera Valley – 9:00am shotgun

Tuesday, July 27 – Sonnenalp – 8:30 shotgun

Monday, August 16 – Beaver Creek – 8:30 shotgun

Monday, August 24 – CCR – 8:30am shotgun