2024 Ladies' Vail Valley Interclub Series - Frost Creek
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20 Mar 2024 Ladies’ Vail Valley Interclub Series


Want to meet some new people and represent Frost Creek in the Ladies’ Interclub series?  This 6 event series takes place at the various private clubs in the Valley from June 17 through August 26.

I take all who are interested and build a team of 6 women for each event in the most equitable way possible.  Please click below for the format, information and schedule. Email me if you are interested and which events you are available for.  I will compile the schedule and reply to all with who is playing in which events for the season.


NEW for 2024 – We would like to offer to represent in Uniform!  

2024 Ladies Interclub uniform options below. You have a choice of an IBKUL Sleeveless Polo or Long Sleeve Mock in the Blue/White Gingham. If you prefer short sleeve, you can order the solid blue to match the team. Please pair the top with your own white or navy bottom.

Please reply to this email with the items you would like to order, along with your sizing by Friday, April 5th.   Added bonus, you are welcome to special order additional tops in other colors at this one time interclub pricing.  Please email your order to Katie Glasser (Merchandise Buyer) at kglasser@frostcreek.com.

Frost Creek Interclub Pricing:

Style# 14876, Sleeveless Gingham Mock, Blue/White – $60

Style# 10876, Long Sleeve Gingham Mock, Blue/White – $65

Style# 84000, Sleeveless Solid Blue Polo (not pictured) – $60

Style# 87000, Short Sleeve Solid Blue Mock – $60

Style# 80000, Long Sleeve Solid Blue Mock – $65