A New Approach To Controlling Annual Bluegrass - Frost Creek
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A New Approach To Controlling Annual Bluegrass

29 Jun A New Approach To Controlling Annual Bluegrass

Greetings from the golf maintenance team at Frost Creek! I’m writing to inform our membership about a new product we have begun using this season to mitigate the invasion of Poa Annua, (Annual Bluegrass) on our greens. As we all know, Annual Bluegrass has always been an issue on Creeping Bentgrass greens worldwide. Here at Frost Creek, we strive to stay on the forefront of cutting edge practices to ensure to highest quality playing surfaces to our members and guests. Poacure was registered and labeled this past December and we are one of the first courses in the valley to implement this new and exciting product. Methiozolin is an herbicide specifically formulated to remove Poa Annua from Creeping Bentgrass playing surfaces. While this product has been proven in many trials to eradicate this, “weed” from bentgrass putting greens, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT. In fact, it will most likely take a couple seasons to reach its full potential. Which is a good thing; this product works very slowly, allowing for the bentgrass to fill in while the poa fades out. What this means is we will facilitate retaining a true-rolling, high density putting surface while we convert our greens back to an increasingly pure stand of bentgrass. As a Superintendent, I am very enthusiastic to begin our use of this new product. I just wanted to inform our membership about what we are doing to make this golf course the best it can be and also that Poacure will take a season or two before we see real results. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful summer weather and as always, “hit ’em straight!” 

Derrick Dreyer

Golf Course SuperintendentFrost Creek GC8203 Brush Creek RdEagle, CO 81631
Office: (970) 455-3077