Employee Holiday Fund - Frost Creek
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Employee Holiday Fund

13 Nov Employee Holiday Fund

  Frost Creek Employee Holiday Fund

Dear Frost Creek Member,

I hope you enjoyed another wonderful golf season at Frost Creek.  On behalf of the entire staff I want to let you know how much we enjoyed making your time here as memorable and relaxing as possible.

Although we allow tipping of guest facing employees at the club, we continue to allow the members to contribute annually to our employee holiday fund.  These contributions will be distributed among all of the non-management employees throughout the Club operations.  However, non-guest facing employees who don’t participate in daily tips, including golf course maintenance, housekeeping and club maintenance staff will receive a larger percentage compared to their tipped team mates.  Your generosity with this fund comes as a welcome boost to our team prior to the holidays and goes a long way towards making Frost Creek an employer of choice in Eagle County.

Your contribution is entirely voluntary and will be posted on your November club statement statement.  As a guide the average donation from the members who participated in last year’s Holiday Fund was $425.

If you would like to participate, please email me a response with your choice from the options below by Thursday, November 30th.

___$250,  ___$425, ___$600, ___$1,000, ___ Other

Thank you for being a part of the Frost Creek family.




Mike Gibbs | President/GM