Fishing at Frost Creek - Frost Creek
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Fishing at Frost Creek

18 Jul Fishing at Frost Creek

Get your fly rods ready! Frost Creek is stocking the property next Monday, July 25th with 700lbs of Rainbow Trout! That equates to about 400 1.5-2lb fish.  They will be released in the entry pond, the twin ponds in Hunters View and Brush Creek.  The yurt pond and the pond on hole #17 still have abundant trout and we don’t need to overload these fisheries.  The fish are big, healthy and hungry!

Water temperatures in the valley are rising due to the low flows and high daytime air temps.  Trout like and need cool temperatures to survive.  The warmer the water, the less oxygen it holds, which makes the fish vulnerable and less able to recover after a struggle.  You can do a few simple things to help preserve the health of our fish.  Fish early in the day before the water heats up.  Bring a thermometer and when the water temperature reaches 68 degrees, call it a day.

Keep these tips in mind for a healthy release of your fish.

  1. Wet your hands when handling a fish and keep it in the water as much as possible.  This keeps the natural slime coating on the fish that protects it from infection and aids in swimming.
  2. Don’t drop the fish and hold it horizontally.
  3. Keep your fingers away from the gills and eyes.
  4. Snip the barbs on your hooks and use a release tool to minimize handling.
  5. Release fish as soon as practical.  Release them gently, head first into the water.  Revive exhausted fish by placing them in the water, facing any current, with one hand underneath the belly and the other hand holding the bottom lip or tail.

As a reminder Frost Creek is fly fishing only.  We do allow kids to fish the entry and yurt ponds with spinning rods with lures.  Please snip all barbs on the lures.

We’re looking forward to consistent monsoon rains to cool the water, but in the meantime use these suggestions and have a great time fishing at Frost Creek!