Frost Creek Dog Policy - Frost Creek
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Frost Creek Dog Policy

20 Jun Frost Creek Dog Policy

Frost Creek Dog Policy

We love our dogs just as much as you do! As a reminder here is a list of the dos and don’ts with your dog(s) at Frost Creek.


  1. Our dog friendly cabins are Bluebells, Buttercup, Columbine, Larkspur and Primrose. There is a $50 per dog per night extra fee for dogs.
  2. Walk your dogs as much as you like. Please stay on the roads or our trails (Brush Creek and Frost Creek Trails).
  3. Dine or relax with your leashed dog on the side patio of the member’s lounge.
  4. Please keep your dog on a leash around club facilities.
  5. Please pick up after your dog.



  1. Please don’t let your dog run free.
  2. Please don’t bring your dogs to golf or ride in the golf cart with you.
  3. Please don’t walk your dogs on the golf course.
  4. Please don’t bring your dog into the clubhouse, pool house, or the pool deck.
  5. Please don’t bring your dog to a cabin that is not “pet friendly”.
  6. Please don’t bring your dog in our member Jeep.


Thanks so much