Frost Creek Goes to Ireland 2023! - Frost Creek
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Frost Creek Goes to Ireland 2023!

15 Mar Frost Creek Goes to Ireland 2023!

Frost Creek goes to Ireland!

Have you been itching to travel and missing those chances to see the world lately?  Here is a great chance to reserve your place on a trip of a lifetime to Dublin and Belfast, Ireland.   We handle all the details on a top notch experience!

This trip is being offered to all members.   We have 5 couples committed so far but need 7 to fill the trip!  First commitments and deposits will need to be in by April 15, 2022 to lock in our lodging and tee times.

CLICK HERE for the FULL ITINERARY and trip details.

We have partnered with Haversham & Baker to provide an incredible travel package.

  • Accommodations are for the best rooms at the finest properties for each region you plan to visit.  All offering close proximity to courses and pubs, as well as, excellent hospitality.
  • Your ground transportation features our custom designed Mercedes coach with a dedicated Driver-Host who will serve as your Expedition manager on the ground in Ireland.

Perhaps the most important feature of your package is the relationship that we’ve built over the last three decades with our network of overseas partners. When you travel with H&B, the leverage of those relationships ensures that your experience is without equal. You get the best available room, the most experienced caddie, or the table with a view simply because you’re traveling with H&B. In fact, senior members of the H&B Expeditionary Forces have learned to drop the H&B name wherever they go because often it makes all the difference.

If the package as presented fits your desires and budget, then the H&B promise of Golf and the Good Life awaits. If the package is off target in any way, simply let me know and we can modify as needed.

Please email me directly to express interest or ask questions at