Frost Creek Caddie Program Update - Frost Creek
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05 Mar Frost Creek Caddie Program Update

Caddies bring elevated golf experience to Frost Creek

For the fourth year, Frost Creek will offer a top notch caddie experience for members and guests.   The goal of the club in offering caddies is multi-faceted but one we feel will continue to elevate the experience on the golf course while providing a valuable connection with our community. Please see links below to Club Policies and Caddie Procedures. 

We recognize that many of our members are accustomed to taking caddies either at other clubs or when traveling.  We are also aware that caddies will be a new experience for some of our members and we are excited to share the caddie culture going forward.

We are thrilled to have Bryn Tomlinson back as our Caddie Coordinator and Starter.  Bryn is proud of the program that he has built, the caddies that he has approved and he loves to play “match-maker”, ensuring the best experience by pairing personalities along with the group dynamic and player goals.  You can email Bryn directly at

Caddies date back to 1691 at St. Andrews in Scotland and have become one of the great traditions of the game.  While Frost Creek has not traditionally been a walking course, we aim to create opportunities for our Members to walk as much as they can or want to.  Our caddies will be trained to operate in 3 ways, depending on the member expectations.  A Forecaddie assumes that the golfers are riding in the cart.  The caddie will run out ahead of the group, help watch where balls land and then give advice and service between shots.  A Cart-caddie assumes that the golfers want to walk for some portion of the round.  The caddie will drive the cart  whenever you like but allow players to ride up steeper hills or when tired.  A Walking-caddie will be the most traditional sense of the experience, walking with player and carrying the golf bag.  We will limit to single bag carry at Frost Creek and may limit walking during busy times.

Pace of play is a concern of many and caddies can be a great aid in speeding the overall pace of play.  By helping find balls, providing yardage, raking bunkers and reading putts, caddies can help players make better decisions more quickly.  Caddies will also help monitor group position on the course and relative to starting time and can encourage slower groups to keep up.

Please CLICK HERE for a link to our Caddie FAQ’s.  This page will be updated regularly and as more questions are submitted.

Please CLICK HERE to visit our updated Reservation Policies and Caddie Rates that have been modified to support the goals of the Club and the Caddie Program.

Please CLICK HERE to submit a question that may not be answered on our FAQ page.

Why should you consider using a caddie? Once you experience a round with a caddie you will realize that it is the best way to play the game, plus:

  • Helps speed the pace of play
  • Lower your scores
  • Supports the care of the course
  • Provides great exercise, if walking (10,000+ steps)
  • Grows the game within our community
  • Teaches life lessons to our younger generation

We look forward to enhancing your golfing experience and giving you the opportunity to use a caddie anytime you play!