Private Member Dining - Frost Creek
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01 Jun Private Member Dining

Private Member Dining

Historically Frost Creek has been open to the public for dining.  This has made sense to us for a variety of reasons, 1. it adds vitality to the dining room, 2. it keeps our employees busy and compensated, 3. it allows us to move through inventory and have better/fresher product 4. we’ve sold many a membership to someone who simply came for a meal.

We have always wondered at what point we’d have the critical mass in our membership to think about going private only for dining.  COVID-19 is the perfect opportunity for a case study as we are currently limiting dining to members and accompanied guests.  Bring your friends for lunch and a drink, bring your family for a special dinner.  Come often and eat lots!

Let’s see if private only dining can fulfill the first three points above.  You’ll have to bring your guests to fulfill point number 4.