Protect the tees and greens with proper cart etiquette - Frost Creek
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Protect the tees and greens with proper cart etiquette

03 May Protect the tees and greens with proper cart etiquette

First off, I’d like to welcome all of our members new and old back for another fantastic season here at Frost Creek! Myself and the rest of the GCM staff have never been more excited to provide exemplary playing conditions to our membership day in and day out. 

Our golf community has seen a drastic increase in new members and golf rounds over the past year. I’d like to remind everyone that this directly correlates to a rise in cart traffic. Areas with high cart traffic become compacted. Soil compaction leads to low turf density. Low turf density negatively affects playability and aesthetics. For the benefit of overall turf quality and playing conditions we request you park your carts on the paths at all of the greens.  Holes 2,9,15 and 18 are the only exceptions where you should park at least 50 feet from the putting surface.  Additionally by keeping your carts firmly on the paths when teeing off we can eliminate all wear and tear around the tee boxes.   With a large increase in cart traffic, we can all do our part to give YOUR golf course the best chance to thrive!

We look forward to seeing all of you on-course. Until then, hit ‘em straight and enjoy the course!