RedBird Avian Golf Club Fitting Day - Frost Creek
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06 Jul RedBird Avian Golf Club Fitting Day

Demo Days for Redbird/Avian with Owner, Jay Turner from Seattle – July 17 and 18

Having clubs that fit you correctly is crucial to your performance.

While club design and quality are important, they are irrelevant if the club length and lie angle does not fit you correctly.  Poorly fit clubs reinforce swing flaws and lead the formation of bad habits.  Clubs with your correct length and lie angle facilitate a biomechanically efficient swing motion, resulting in a balanced and powerful swing.   Your best effort becomes your best result.

 Revolutionary Fitting Solution

Our patented Dimensional Fitting System utilizes an algorithm developed by owner and founder, Jay Turner. The algorithm was developed after fitting for 35+ years and completing more than 55,000 fits.  The algorithm factors your physical measurements proportionally as well as dynamically.  The result is determined for you, including a biomechanically sound recommendation for shaft length and club lie angle for each club in your set.
Our fitting method differs from others because we fit your clubs to your physical dimensions. Other companies fit to your swing; when you fit a swing with flaws, the fit will only function “properly” when said flaws are present.

Visit for more information and CLICK HERE to email David Havens at for a for a fitting appointment.