Weddings and Events - Frost Creek
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Weddings and Events

 Dream Weddings Become Reality at Frost Creek

As Colorado’s 4-Season Mountain Club, Frost Creek is an exceptional choice of venue to host a picturesque mountain wedding. Our space is available October – May, giving you the freedom to choose your ideal time of year and favorite version of Colorado’s ever-changing landscape. With stunning views, award-winning food, and an unmatched location, Frost Creek makes planning your dream Colorado wedding extraordinarily easy. For the couples who dream of spending their wedding day surrounded by the natural splendor of Colorado, Frost Creek is sure to bring your dreams to life. Our team is dedicated to helping you plan an event that you and their guests will never forget.


Nestled into a pristine stretch of Brush Creek, Frost Creek is surrounded by miles of untouched wilderness with unparalleled views up and down the valley. For many couples, one of the most important parts of their special day is preserving the memory through photos. Whether framed by the stunning greens, oranges and reds of fall leaves, the grand snow-peaked mountains of winter, or the soft surroundings of spring, there is no such thing as a lackluster shot at Frost Creek.


For the couples who are looking for a venue with a uniquely mountain aesthetic, Frost Creek’s Clubhouse offers an artful mix of rustic warmth and timeless luxury. Modeled after traditional Colorado mountain lodges, the Clubhouse has large gathering areas as well as a number of outdoor terraces, making it a versatile venue that can accommodate both large parties and more intimate gatherings. Frost Creek also has multiple luxury cabins just steps away from the Clubhouse, so the wedding party and close family can stay on the premises without having to worry about transportation to and from their event.

Award-Winning Food

Frost Creek boasts an award-winning, farm-to-table restaurant located right in the Clubhouse, which specializes in dishes inspired by history and place, and made with locally sourced ingredients. Our Executive Chef Tyson Amick runs a scratch kitchen that utilizes only the freshest, highest quality ingredients. We will work with each wedding party to provide dining options that are unique, memorable, and always delicious.

In addition to weddings, we also host corporate events!

For more information, please contact us at:
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