Why do I see guests on the tee sheet with no Member name next to them? - Frost Creek
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Why do I see guests on the tee sheet with no Member name next to them?

21 Sep Why do I see guests on the tee sheet with no Member name next to them?

I’ve been getting questions and hearing grumblings about why people are seeing multiple groups per day on the tee sheet that don’t have a member name next to them.  There are a variety of reasons you will see, what appear to be, unaccompanied guests on either the web interface or your app when you are looking at the tee sheet.

  1. Members are allowed to sponsor an unaccompanied foursome for play after 12 noon.
  2. We allow prospective members to play a round to see the course.  As you know we’ve had a banner year of membership sales, which means plenty of prospective member rounds.  You probably enjoyed that same courtesy prior to becoming a member here!
  3. We allow a certain amount of reciprocal play at our highest rack rate if the Head Pro from another club calls to see if their members who are in town might have access.  These are all prospective members in our mind and there is an upside for you.  Ben is creating quite a network of Pros from other private clubs throughout the country who are willing to offer the same consideration at there facilities, at their rack rate.  If you are traveling somewhere and are interested in trying to get onto a private course, reach out to Ben to see if he can help set you up.
  4. We do have a member group golf outing policy (see the link below).  If, for example, Member A has a group of 8-12 your tee sheet will show that member in the first group and then the next one or two groups on the tee sheet will be listed as unaccompanied.  These aren’t just public groups, they are your friends that you are bringing to enjoy the Frost Creek experience.


It does feel busier, because we are busier.  People are golfing more this year which is wonderful! To give you some perspective year over year we have seen an 11% decrease in these four categories and a corresponding 31% increase in member and accompanied guest (your friends and family members) play.

Our goal is to provide the most enjoyable experience for you and your guests when golfing at Frost Creek.  Please know we follow all of our policies when it comes to group sizing and times of day for unaccompanied and outside play and we ask you give us the benefit of the doubt when you see a tee time on your app that doesn’t have a member name next to it.   As our membership grows we will continue to evaluate these policies to balance the demands they place on the tee sheet vs. the benefit they provide to each of you as members.