Golf Academy - Frost Creek
Golf Academy at Frost Creek with PGA Professionals.
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Golf Academy

15 Jun Golf Academy

Golf Academy Class Options with Frost Creek PGA Professionals – Summer 2021


Join your Frost Creek PGA Professionals for a game changing summer of lesson options, designed for the entire family.


Date Night:  Friday Night On-Course Instruction 

Starting June 26, enjoy a Friday night date night evening at Frost Creek learning how to better navigate the holes with PGA Professionals David Havens and David Brown.  In addition, if you have kids, we are offering their own junior golf session while you have class then dinner.   This event gives you the option to work on your golf game and enjoy a date night afterwards as you dine at Frost Creek.  Class will be from 5pm to 6:30pm on the course at Frost Creek, with an optional dinner date reservation afterwards if you choose.  Kids will enjoy golf related activities with our PGM Interns from 5pm to 8pm at a cost of $35 per child (no limit on number of children).  Each date night class will take a maximum of six players.  $175 per player (not including dinner).  Sign up in advance by 12 noon each Friday by calling the pro shop at 970.328.2326 or email David Havens, PGA at


Parent/Child Golf 

One of the most successful classes from 2020 is back this June on Tuesdays and Saturdays with David Havens, PGA and Colin Miller, PGA for more family fun at Frost Creek.  Class is from 4:30-5:30pm on both days at a cost of $125 per 1 parent/ 1 child per session.  Each class is conducted with the mind-set of improving your game as well as the fun factor of golfing with family.  Maximum 5 pairs of parent/child per class.  Sign up by 12 noon daily for 1 class, 2 per week or the full month’s schedule by calling the pro shop at 970-328-2326 or emailing David Havens, PGA at  

1st week – Full Swing/ Driving Range

2nd week – Short Game/Wedge Range

3rd week – Putting/Practice Putting Green

4th week – On-Course


Sunday Funday Creative Thinking (Troubleshooting)

Have you ever had that round that was hinging on a side hill lie and you destroyed your score because you played it wrong?  There are a million situations like this in the game of golf.  This class will help you navigate a tough situation, even teach you that each golf club is capable of multiple shots.  Every player can hit great shots but not everyone can negotiate rough waters.  If this sounds like something that might make a difference, this class is $69 per student taught by David Havens, PGA on Sunday morning from 10-11am, and will be a game-changer.  Class size is limited to four players only.  Sign up in advance by calling the pro shop at 970-328-2326 or emailing David Havens, PGA at


Loosen up, Ladies!  A Girl’s Guide to Golfing Greatness

Ladies, this is your answer to all of your golf questions and “how to” that will make golf the good time you are dreaming of here at Frost Creek.  If you have ever had questions about how to practice, play by the rules, improve your pace of play, hitting your tee shot with confidence, the etiquette to feel more comfortable on the course, or even how to get a handicap, this class is a must.  David Brown, PGA and Colin Miller, PGA will be your guides to greatness every Thursday evening in June from 4:30-5:30pm (except the monthly Thursday night Wine and Nine) with the options of a drink to help take off the edge.  It’s all about being in a comfortable environment and learning golf in a fun way.  The cost is $89 per lady with a max of ten participants.  It’s time to shine, ladies!  Sign up by 12 noon by calling the pro shop at 970-328-2326 or by emailing David Havens to register at


Think and Sink:  Course Management

How to Manage Your Game On-Course.  Every Wednesday afternoon at 4:30-6:00pm in June, you can improve your course management with Ben Welsh, PGA and David Havens, PGA.  The class will focus on putting all your work from your practice to better results and scores on the golf course.  You will have a small warm-up on the range before going on the course for world-class instruction.  The cost is $175 per person with a max of six players.  If you have trouble taking your game from the practice facilities to the course, this class is a must!  Sign up by 12 noon by calling the pro shop at 970-328-2326 or emailing David Havens, PGA at


Call the pro shop at 970-328-2326 or email David Havens at to register.