Creative Thinking (Troubleshooting) - Frost Creek
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Creative Thinking (Troubleshooting)

31 May Creative Thinking (Troubleshooting)

Sunday Funday

Creative Thinking (Troubleshooting)

Have you ever had that round that was hinging on a side hill lie and you destroyed your score because you played it wrong?  There are a million situations like this in the game of golf.  This class will help you navigate a tough situation, even teach you that each golf club is capable of multiple shots.  Every player can hit great shots but not everyone can negotiate rough waters.  If this sounds like something that might make a difference, this class is $69 per student taught by David Havens, PGA on Sunday morning from 10-11am, and will be a game-changer.  Class size is limited to four players only.  Sign up in advance by calling the pro shop at 970-328-2326 or emailing David Havens, PGA at

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